Special Counsel Hur Preparing To Testify on Biden Before a GOP Panel

(NationalUSNews.com) – Special counsel Robert Hur is preparing to testify before a GOP panel to discuss how President Joe Biden mishandled classified documents and whether or not the aging president is mentally competent to remain in office. House Republicans are pushing for Hur’s testimony, as many lawmakers believe Biden’s mishandling of classified material is evidence of his declining mental capabilities. The Biden administration also addressed the looming testimony and Hur’s report on Biden’s mental capabilities.

Biden, in particular, focused on Hur’s report, which cleared him of any criminal liability for mishandling classified documents. Hur’s report did, however, state that Biden’s mental health is “diminished” and that the aging president suffers from a declining memory. Biden’s team bashed the report as inaccurate and criticized Hur for making unsubstantiated claims about President Biden’s health. Despite Biden’s efforts to prevent widespread media attention about the report, Hur will appear before the House of Representatives to discuss his findings.

Hur served as a United States attorney under the Trump administration and reportedly reached out to members of the Justice Department to prepare for his testimony. Hur reportedly reached out to Sarah Isgur, a former senior counselor who assisted Trump’s deputy attorney general. Isgur helped guide Trump’s deputy attorney general through a congressional hearing, meaning she could do the same for Hur in his testimony before House Republicans.

Biden’s team and Biden’s personal lawyer are already doing damage control to prepare for Hur’s testimony. Biden’s attorney, Bob Bauer, claimed that Hur’s report was politically motivated and inconsistent with the Justice Department’s policies. Biden’s team also blasted Hur, stating the special counselor did “shoddy” work compiling information about President Biden and his mishandling of classified documents.

Hur’s report compiled information gathered during a year-long investigation into President Biden, particularly his handling of classified documents while serving as former President Obama’s vice president. Hur will probably testify before the House Judiciary Committee to discuss the report and the criticisms from President Biden’s team. Hur’s report featured numerous references to Biden’s declining mental faculties, and in one instance, claims that Biden can’t remember when his oldest son, Beau Biden, died from brain cancer. Despite the report, Biden’s team remains adamant the president is mentally present and capable of fulfilling his duties as the chief executive.

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