“Suspicious” Skull Suspends Screening at Major Airport

(NationalUSNews.com) — During a routine inspection by the Transportation Security Administration at the Salt Lake City International Airport, agents discovered something resembling a human skull in a bag, prompting a suspension of screenings in the airport for approximately two hours. The skull in question was primarily constructed of plastic but contained numerous components within the cranium that prompted agents to worry about it being a dangerous device.

Agents speculated the skull might even be a bomb, given the electrical components that were seemingly hidden within. The passenger transporting the skull clarified that it was a medical training device for spine surgeons and neurosurgeons to learn how to perform lobotomies. The passenger also claims he will attend a trade show in Cancun, Mexico; the skull was part of a demonstration. It was ultimately composed of plastic, putty, and a nine-volt battery. Despite the clarification, the Transportation Security Administration confiscated the skull from the passenger, who can retrieve the device upon his return to Utah.

The discovery of the device didn’t just halt screening for two hours; it also caused every flight leaving the airport to be temporarily grounded. Once the TSA discovered the device, agents notified the Salt Lake City Police Airport Division for assistance in containing the potential security threat posed by the device. Authorities were concerned that the device in question was an improvised explosive and that similar devices might have slipped through screenings into other flights leaving Salt Lake City International Airport. The TSA issued a press release regarding the event and congratulated the agents who responded to the potential security threat.

Although the TSA release claims the agents involved in the security scare acted professionally and reduced potential risks, online audiences aren’t receptive to the agents’ efforts in confiscating the plastic skull. Some commenters mock the agents, writing that the skull was a simple Halloween decoration that posed no threat to passengers. The incident comes during a nationwide lack of faith in traditional security measures, as TSA agents regularly discover firearms and other weapons in passengers’ luggage. Despite the criticisms from online users, many feel the discovery of the device is commendable, despite the harmless nature of the skull.

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