Ted Cruz Blasts Biden For ‘Scaremongering’ Tactics

(NationalUSNews.com) — President Joe Biden is facing criticism from Senator Ted Cruz, regarding his approach to the ongoing national debt ceiling issue. Cruz is blasting Biden, and claiming that Biden is using “scaremongering” tactics and attempting to discredit Republicans. Cruz’s comments came just hours after Biden claimed himself to be “blameless” in regards to the possibility of the US defaulting on its debts. Cruz claims that Biden had ample opportunity to reach a satisfactory resolution, but instead chose to ignore this possibility out of spite for the Republican party. Biden has offered other potential solutions to the debt problem, claiming that he could use the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling without bipartisan support, though this claim has faced constant criticism from legal experts and would be unlikely to pass. Using the 14th Amendment would require Biden to face court challenges, and would likely be unable to actually pass before the debt ceiling is reached on June 1st.

The looming debt crisis has been the most prevalent political issue in recent memory, especially due to the refusal by both sides of the aisle to reach a compromise. President Biden is set to continue negotiations with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, though it appears as though a resolution will be unlikely. What hasn’t helped the tense negotiation process is Biden being distracted by other events overseas, leaving the country to attend the G7 Summit with just days left to compromise regarding the debt ceiling. This move drew heavy criticism from his political opponents, including Ted Cruz, who claim that Biden should be more active in finding a solution rather than talking to foreign countries who can’t help.

President Biden should be much more active in finding a satisfactory conclusion to the debt negotiations, as a financial calamity could be coming. Not reaching some sort of compromise would likely have a massive impact on his campaign for reelection, as his Republican opponents will likely point out the failure to prevent the US from defaulting as his fault.

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