Ted Cruz Looking Into Impeachment Options Over Joe Biden

(NationalUSNews.com) — Texas Senator Ted Cruz has called for President Joe Biden’s impeachment following the various revelations from IRS whistleblowers regarding his son Hunter Biden. According to multiple whistleblowers from the IRS, Hunter Biden demanded payments from a Chinese business associate, and referenced potential consequences from his father Joe Biden. Joe Biden was serving as Barack Obama’s Vice President at the time that Hunter Biden is alleged to have threatened his business associate.

Cruz has called for impeachment following the whistleblowers’ testimony, and for the release of Hunter Biden’s exchanges with his business associate over the communication app WhatsApp. The exchange between the younger Biden and his business associate are damning, especially as Hunter Biden is seen claiming that Joe Biden is right next to him, raising questions about Joe Biden’s denials of discussing business dealings with his son.

Biden has repeatedly claimed he has never discussed business dealings that involved his son Hunter, despite years of allegations to the contrary. Such an interaction would be highly unethical and could result in the impeachment that Cruz covets. While it seems unlikely in the current political atmosphere that President Biden will face any legal consequences, Hunter Biden could have additional charges brought against him by the IRS according to the whistleblowers. According to the whistleblowers the IRS recommended additional charges be brought against Hunter Biden, including multiple felonies. The same whistleblowers have claimed that political interference prevented these charges from materializing, but the recent leaked exchanges could change this.

Biden isn’t the only Democratic official who could be facing impeachment following the testimony, as Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has threatened an impeachment against Attorney General Merrick Garland. McCarthy has highlighted the Justice Department’s lackluster investigation into Hunter Biden as the reason he thinks impeachment would be appropriate. Although the idea of an impeachment is theoretical for now, it is likely that Joe Biden will have to combat allegations of illicit behavior during his re-election campaign next year.

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