Teen Kills 5 Innocent Family Members Over Stolen iPhone

(NationalUSNews.com) — A teenager who helped start a house fire that resulted in five people dying has pleaded guilty to the heinous offense and will serve 60 years in prison for his role in starting the fatal house fire. Kevin Bui admitted to starting the house fire over his mistaken belief that someone inside the residence had stolen his iPhone. The fire ended up killing three adults and two children. Bui entered a guilty plea after prosecutors brought more than 60 criminal charges against the 20-year-old and shared information about the incident and what led to the house fire.

Bui didn’t act alone when he started the fire back in 2020, when he was only 16 years old, as he worked alongside two other teenagers during the crime. Dillion Seibert and Gavin Seymour helped Bui start the fatal house fire due to Bui’s belief that one of the people within the home had his iPhone. While the fire ended up killing most of the people within the home, three residents survived by jumping from an upstairs window to escape the lethal blaze.

Prosecutors focused their case on Bui due to his accomplices explaining how Bui was the primary planner and his insistence on starting the house fire. According to Seymour and Seibert, Bui told them how he used an iPhone location app to find his phone, which he claimed had been located within the house. The three then spent weeks discussing how they’d set the house on fire and other potential methods of revenge that Bui could pursue.

Once the three arsonists agreed to burn the house down, they purchased masks and several containers full of gasoline to use in the crime. The three then broke into the home through its back door and began pouring gasoline on the house’s walls and floors, setting it ablaze and fleeing as the house started burning. The fire quickly spread throughout the house’s downstairs area, ultimately destroying the home. While the three teens managed to avoid detection during the initial arson, investigators quickly determined Bui and his accomplices had started the fatal fire.

According to investigators, Bui and his friends had their cell phones with them when they started the fire, allowing police to see their presence in the area during the arson. Investigators quickly began a deeper investigation into Bui and his friends and found footage of the teens buying the supplies they used during the heinous house fire. Footage also captured the three in the area shortly before the fatal fire.

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