Thanksgiving Prison Stabbing of Derek Chauvin Was Kept Under Wraps, Claims Mother

( — An Arizona prison inmate recently stabbed Derek Chauvin, the disgraced Minneapolis police officer convicted of killing George Floyd, causing severe injuries to the ex-police officer. According to prison officials, the attack on Chauvin is a response to his status as a “high-profile target” due to the international media coverage of his controversial trial. Chauvin’s mother is furious with the federal authorities due to the stabbing and their failure to inform her about the incident, despite mainstream media outlets reporting the assault.

According to Chauvin’s mother, no employees from the prison housing her son, the Bureau of Prisons, or the Federal Bureau of Investigations have contacted her to inform her about the stabbing. Chauvin’s mother also expressed concerns about her son’s incarceration due to the stabbing, but federal authorities aren’t communicating with her or addressing the incident publicly. Chauvin’s medical condition is unknown, and authorities are refusing to disclose information about his health due to privacy concerns. Authorities are also refusing to identify the inmate who stabbed Chauvin.

According to Gregory Erickson, a member of Chauvin’s defense team, authorities aren’t sharing Chauvin’s condition with his attorneys or members of his family. Erickson criticized the lack of transparency from federal authorities, calling the lack of updates about Chauvin’s health “completely outrageous.” Erickson also criticized employees at the prison housing Chauvin, claiming they are running the facility poorly and allowed Chauvin’s stabbing.

Prison officials confirmed that no employees were harmed in the stabbing and that Chauvin’s injuries are potentially life-threatening. Employees quickly transported Chauvin to a local hospital, where he is currently located. Chauvin’s stabbing is prompting some with prison experience, such as Keith Rovere, to discuss Chauvin’s status as a high-profile prisoner.

Rovere claims that Chauvin’s status as a high-profile prisoner made him a “dead man walking” the moment he entered prison. According to Rovere, the stabbing won’t be the last attack against Chauvin either. Rovere expressed surprise that the stabbing occurred so long into Chauvin’s prison sentence and claimed that Chauvin is a highly vulnerable target due to his status as an ex-police officer.

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