The Family of an American Who Went Missing on a Yoga Retreat Seeks Answers

( — A sense of deep confusion and frustration continues to plague the family of a California woman who disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a yoga retreat in the remote reaches of Guatemala last month. The woman’s sister has expressed bewilderment that the sole witness to the incident chose to break her silence through legal representation several weeks after the family had pleaded with her to come forward.

The local authorities have claimed that Nancy Ng, a 29-year-old woman, tragically drowned during a kayaking adventure on Lake Atitlán on October 19. She had been part of a tour group originating from the United States. However, the family remains skeptical, as Nancy’s body has yet to be found.

Christina Blazek, a companion of Nancy during the trip, has chosen to withhold any information from the family and has not cooperated with the local authorities, alleges Nicky Ng, Nancy’s younger sister.

Nicky finds it perplexing that Blazek would not want to provide her grieving family with solace or closure. She questions why Blazek was the last person to see Nancy alive, yet she wouldn’t share her account of the incident if it were an accident.

The Ng family has enlisted the help of Chris Sharpe from Black Wolf Helicopters to spearhead a search and rescue mission. However, Sharpe asserts that the lack of cooperation from Blazek has hindered their efforts.

Blazek’s attorney, G. Christopher Gardner, shared vital information with a local media outlet a day after the Ng family named Blazek in a press release. He also stated that Blazek, an attorney at the San Bernadino County Public Defender’s Office, had been fully cooperative with the investigators.

Upon reaching the resort in Guatemala, Nancy, the eldest of four, sent a message to her family, assuring them of her safety and informing them that she was switching her phone to airplane mode. Little did the family know that this would be her last communication ever.

Hours later, Eddy Rimada, the Los Angeles-based yoga instructor who organized the retreat, called Nancy’s father to inform him that Nancy was missing after she decided to take a swim in the vast lake situated within a volcanic crater.

Beale further highlighted the duo’s sudden departure at 5 a.m., despite not being scheduled to leave so early, and their subsequent inaccessibility.

The search for Nancy commenced later that day.

According to Rimada, Blazek was too shaken by the incident to speak to the family. However, it lacked an eyewitness account. Upon receiving the news, the family emailed Blazek, emphasizing the importance of her information for the search effort. Unfortunately, Blazek chose not to respond.

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