The Golden Bachelor Chastised for Lying About Dating History

( — The Golden Bachelor, the spin-off of The Bachelor with a senior-citizen theme, is coming under fire as inconsistencies with eligible bachelor Gerry Turner’s story have come to light.

The 72-year-old Indiana native was presented as a grieving widower who hadn’t dated since his wife’s death six years ago. A woman currently only known as Carolyn claims to have dated him for 10 months and lived with him for over a year and a half. She further claims they started dating only a month after his wife of 43 years died. Furthermore, Carolyn complained about him insisting on almost always splitting the check when dining out, demanding she pay $850 a month in rent, and being so repulsed by her weight gain that he refused to take her as his date to his high school reunion. Local waitress Heather Lanning-Adams says that he has dated several women over the past six years. She said that while the relationships didn’t seem necessarily long-term, they didn’t seem like short-term affairs either.

Fans of the show took to X, formerly Twitter, to post their displeasure at being misled by the reality show’s clearly manufactured narrative about Turner. While most of their annoyance was related to the way the show played up the idea of Turner as a lonely widower, some called into question the show’s characterizing him as a retired restauranteur. According to one user, the restaurant in question was merely a “burger stand” that he sold off in 1985. His more recent work included maintenance and installing hot tubs.

Another post referred to Turner as a “sleazy rat”. In an interview with Katie Couric, Turner addressed his dating history but quibbled on the concept of dating versus being in a relationship. He said he was more interested in focusing on what is going on in his life now, which will include getting married in the TV special The Golden Wedding to the winner of The Golden Bachelor, Theresa Nist.

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