The House Ethics Panel Will Begin Santos Probe On November 17

( — According to members of the House Ethics Committee, an official announcement for the following developments of the ethics panel regarding controversial Representative George Santos is coming soon, with November 17 being the potential date. The House voted on whether or not to expel Santos from the House of Representatives later this week in a Republican-led effort to remove Santos from office, but Santos maintained his seat.

The voting required a two-thirds majority to expel Santos from Congress successfully. Still, many lawmakers expected the resolution to pass due to the controversy surrounding Santos and the federal indictments against the disgraced politician.

Santos is the subject of multiple criminal investigations and fraud claims and is currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for various offenses. If convicted of the federal crimes, Santos may spend time in a federal prison.

Santos pleaded not guilty to fraud and will stand trial in September if the disgraced politician doesn’t reach a tentative plea agreement. Although Santos is the subject of a federal investigation and numerous controversies, several Democrats voted against expelling the controversial politician in the resolution to remove him from office. Among the charges leveled against Santos are multiple counts of wire fraud as well as identity theft. According to New York authorities, Santos committed identity fraud to retrieve more donations for his political campaign. Santos faces over twenty different criminal offenses but maintains his innocence and believes a jury will not convict him.

One of the Democrats who voted against expelling Santos is Representative Jamie Raskin, who defended his decision to vote in favor of Santos but stated an expulsion would set a “terrible precedent.” Raskin claims that under the Constitution, Santos is still presumed innocent, and thus, an expulsion would only be appropriate once further proof of criminality surfaces. Raskin also pointed out that throughout American history, only five members of the House of Representatives were expelled, with only two being removed for criminal charges. Raskin claims that expelling Santos before he’s convicted of a crime would establish a dangerous precedent in which suspected wrongdoers can be removed from office without evidence of criminality. Despite Raskin’s claims, Santos will likely be convicted once his trial begins in September.

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