“The Office” Set to be Rebooted With Original Showrunner

(NationalUSNews.com) — The Hollywood strikes may be over, and speculation on what projects may be in the works now is the new order of the day. Writers Matthew Belloni and Jonathan Handel of the online publication The Puck commented that Greg Daniels is discussing making a reboot of ‘The Office’. While a revival of the once-popular show is unconfirmed, this would be unsurprising, as original showrunner Greg Daniels has expressed an interest in making a spinoff of the series.

In a 2020 interview with Collider, Daniels said he wasn’t sure whether fans of The Office would want to see a rebooted series. If he did revive the show, Daniels said, he’d prefer to set it “in-universe,” but to introduce different characters instead of bringing back the original characters and cast. He likened that approach to what Disney did with the series The Mandalorian, which was set in the Star Wars universe but didn’t feature the same characters as those in the popular movie franchise.

Although it is likely that the reboot would not focus on the same characters as the original series, many actors from The Office have indicated they would be willing to revisit their roles, such as Jenna Fischer (Pam), John Krasinski (Jim), Angela Kinsey (Angela), Creed Bratton (Creed), and Leslie David Baker (Stanley).

As one of the most popular television series to ever hit streaming services, The Office is a prime commodity for a new series. Reboots can mean equal parts excitement and trepidation, as previous reboots of fan-favorite series have often had disappointing viewership. But if made by the original showrunner and including some guest appearances from old favorites, the new spinoff show could be great. It could be a way to interest an entire new generation of fans in The Office and its unique sense of humor. We could certainly all use a few good laughs these days.

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