The Operator Of Five Unauthorized Group Homes Is Accused Of Abuse And Neglect

( — Texas authorities recently arrested the operator of five unauthorized group homes due to her alleged misconduct involving her various adult patients.

Regla Becquer, the woman accused of abusing and neglecting disabled adults in multiple unlicensed group homes, faces charges for the alleged danger in which she placed various people with debilitating disabilities. Becquer’s group homes reportedly housed patients suffering from diseases like cerebral palsy, and her staff allegedly used their patients’ personal information to make multiple purchases with their money.

Authorities initially learned about Becquer’s group homes after one of her patients, an older man, begged a bystander to call the police and help him escape. After investigating the area, police found evidence of five different unlicensed group homes under Becquer’s leadership. Authorities began investigating the group homes, ultimately uncovering a plethora of evidence that suggested Becquer’s staff abused patients and used their debit cards without permission.

Police also said that Becquer’s staff prevented patients from speaking to members of their families and even stole property from dead patients without telling their families. Items Becquer’s staff allegedly stole include patients’ cell phones and automobiles. The group home employees allegedly intercepted any communication between patients and people outside the group homes, likely to prevent detection from authorities. Becquer’s staff also reportedly prevented patients from receiving medical treatment from other sources.

Police haven’t identified each of the patients within the five group homes, but authorities managed to contact some of the patients’ families and inform them about Becquer’s alleged crimes. Each of the group homes operated within Texas, and investigators believe there could be more facilities that haven’t been discovered. Al Jones, a chief of police, encouraged other potential victims’ families to contact authorities and share information about the illegally operated group homes.

Despite the information surrounding Becquer’s alleged misconduct, prosecutors only brought charges relating to instances involving one of her patients. Authorities reassured the public that they’re pursuing an investigation against Becquer and that additional charges could follow in the coming weeks. Prosecutors also said that they’d likely bring charges against Becquer’s staff due to their alleged involvement in the unlicensed group homes.

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