The Story of Danelo Cavalcante’s Failed Escape to Canada

( — Danelo Cavalcante, a convicted murderer who made national headlines following his escape from a Pennsylvania prison, has been apprehended by authorities following an extensive two-week-long manhunt. According to authorities present during Cavalcante’s arrest, he planned on stealing a car from someone and fleeing across the northern United States border to Canada.

Cavalcante confirmed the plan in statements to the police and hinted that he wanted to return to his native country, Brazil. Cavalcante escaped during a standard prison transfer and fled on foot through the wilderness, surviving off of plants and fruits like watermelon during the days-long wandering. According to Cavalcante, police were extremely close to him multiple times throughout the manhunt and “almost stepped on him.”

Cavalcante’s escape alarmed citizens across the nation, as many were worried about Cavalcante committing more violent crimes to aid in his escape, given his history of violent crime. Cavalcante was convicted of second-degree murder for fatally stabbing his girlfriend in 2021 and faces an additional murder charge in Brazil. The manhunt had many families on edge, but residents can now rest since Cavalcante has been apprehended.

Cavalcante escaped custody from Chester County Prison on August 31st, shortly after being sentenced for the murder of his former girlfriend. Cavalcante managed to escape authorities by “crab walking” between walls before climbing over a razor-wire fence and fleeing the prison on foot. Cavalcante was then spotted on camera days after his escape on September 4th. On September 9th, Cavalcante stole a van from a local dairy business. Cavalcante was apprehended days later before he could steal another vehicle to cross the northern United States border. A complete timeline of Cavalcante’s escape can be found on ABC’s website.

According to authorities, Cavalcante was identified via heat signature by an aircraft assisting the manhunt, prompting police to investigate the signature and apprehend Cavalcante. Cavalcante was arrested near a John Deere store and was surrounded before police moved in and apprehended him. Cavalcante’s escape was the second highly publicized escape by a violent offender in weeks, prompting national concerns regarding the strength of prison security within the United States.

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