Three Lies Everyone Should Tell During Job Interviews, According to a Recruiter

( — Bonnie Dilber is a career coach and job recruiter who posts advice and helpful tips on her TikTok channel for job seekers. In a recent video, she revealed that she recommends people lie about certain things during job interviews. That video has since gone viral and has gotten over 1.1 million views.

Dilber is not recommending candidates lie about their capabilities or experience. She recommends lying about more personal things, such as feelings and life goals. She says it’s best to avoid painting one’s self or past experiences in any kind of negative light.

The first thing she recommends is to avoid saying that you’re leaving a job because you dislike it or that you don’t get along with your coworkers there. If you tell them your old boss doesn’t like you or assert that your fellow employees were hard to get along with, the interviewer may only hear that you are the one who is difficult to work with.

Instead, she suggests remarking that you are looking for new challenges. Dilber also says you should lie about why you want the job because everyone is considering the pay and benefits as a primary reason, but saying so may lead interviewers to think those are all you care about. You should try to seem passionate about the company’s mission and focus on why you would be a valuable asset to them instead.

The final thing Dilber says you should be less than truthful about is your long-term goals. Companies want to believe you will be dedicated to your work with them for a long time to come. So, if you are asked about your vision for the future, you should tailor your answer to indicate a desire to be with them, working, growing, and making the most of the opportunities that the company can afford you.

Many of Dilber’s audience members have chimed in to support her advice. Some indicated surprise that anyone was shocked by what they consider standard common sense job interview behavior on the part of prospective employees. Some online users expressed frustration about being required to lie to get the work they seek. No matter how people feel about it, however, the job market is a competition, and those who play the game best tend to win.

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