Top GOP Operative in Florida Refuses To Resign Amid Allegations

( — Despite facing calls for resignation, the chairman of the Florida Republican Party is refusing to step down from his position within the state’s GOP. Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation and is currently receiving criticism from elected officials, including Ron DeSantis, for refusing to leave office.

Authorities are investigating Ziegler for allegedly assaulting a woman after planning an intimate encounter with her and his wife. According to police, the victim attempted to cancel the planned encounter upon learning that Ziegler’s wife wouldn’t be present, prompting Ziegler to come to her residence. Upon arriving at the victim’s apartment building, Ziegler allegedly waited in a hallway for her. The victim claims that once she attempted to walk her down, Ziegler forcefully entered her apartment and assaulted her. Investigators possess footage of Ziegler at the woman’s apartment on the day of the assault and are actively investigating the chairman’s alleged assault.

Following the assault, the victim spoke with her sister about Ziegler and the incident. Authorities interviewed the victim’s sister and confirmed details shared by the victim. Police also interviewed Ziegler’s wife, Bridget Ziegler, who confirmed that the couple knew the victim and had an intimate encounter with her a year before the alleged assault.

Ziegler also spoke with authorities about the assault and claimed the encounter was consensual. Ziegler also claimed he recorded the alleged assault but deleted the video footage before authorities attempted to speak to him. Police haven’t been able to recover the video from Ziegler and are still searching for the recording.

Authorities also recorded multiple phone calls between Ziegler and the victim of the alleged assault, in which the victim told Ziegler he assaulted her. Ziegler denied the claims in the recording and stated that he knew the victim for 20 years before the incident and did not assault her. Despite Ziegler’s claims, authorities are actively investigating him for the assault.

Ziegler’s attorney commented on the investigation and claimed that Ziegler was innocent and that no assault occurred. According to Ziegler’s attorney, the allegations against Ziegler aren’t true, and Ziegler will be acquitted soon. Ziegler also denied the allegations and intends to remain in office for the foreseeable future.

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