Trial Begins For Woman’s Death Threats Against Judge Chutkan

( — Abigal Jo Shry, a woman from Texas accused of threatening the judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s election interference case, will stand trial over the next few days. Shry allegedly left racist voicemails and threatening messages for Judge Tanya Chutkan and claimed that she would use violence against a variety of people if Donald Trump lost the 2024 presidential election. In the messages left on Judge Chutkan’s answering machine are racist remarks from Shry, who called Chutkan a “slave” and used racist slurs directed towards the federal judge. Shry’s messages weren’t just racist, however, as the voicemails included threats of targeted violence against Chutkan and her family.

Shry also named Sheil Jackson Lee, a representative from Texas, claiming she wanted to kill the elected official and Chutkan. Shry also threatened other Democrats and gay people in the voicemails, but most of the threats focused on Chutkan and Lee. Following the alarming messages, the Department of Homeland Security tracked down Shry and investigated her phone calls. Shry admitted to making the threatening calls and that the phone number used to contact Chutkan is her personal phone number, but claims that she wouldn’t carry out any violence against Chutkan or other individuals.

Authorities note that while speaking to Shry, she indicated that Sheila Jackson Lee shouldn’t come to Alvin, Texas, as locals might be violent toward the representative. The phone calls aren’t Shry’s first encounter with law enforcement, as she’s been arrested and sentenced for similar offenses over the past year.

Shry’s father spoke about the alleged phone calls, stating that Shry suffers from a “drinking and news consumption” problem. Shry’s father also noted that she never leaves her home and isn’t capable of carrying out violent acts against Chutkan or the other people she threatened. During testimony, Shry’s father claims his daughter is a non-violent alcoholic and regularly makes threatening calls while watching the news. Although her father’s testimony will likely help Shry reduce a lighter sentence, a jury will likely find her guilty due to her confession to the Department of Homeland Security. If found guilty, Shry will spend up to five years in federal prison.

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