Trial Starts for Woman Accused of Killing Elite Cyclist

( — The trial of Kailin Armstrong, the woman accused of killing an elite cyclist in May 2022, is currently underway in Texas. Armstrong allegedly shot and killed Anna Moriah Wilson last year and faces up to 99 years in prison if convicted by the jury. Armstrong pleaded not guilty to the crime, and her defense attorney claims the evidence against her is merely circumstantial.

According to prosecutors, the crime stemmed from Armstrong’s jealousy of Wilson, as Wilson was associated with Armstrong’s boyfriend at the time of the murder. Wilson regularly competed in cycling competitions and was killed just days before the Gravel Locos race she intended to participate in. Authorities found Wilson’s body in her apartment with multiple gunshot wounds and determined Armstrong perpetrated the crime. According to authorities, Armstrong searched for information regarding Wilson for days leading up to the murder and even used an app to track the elite cyclist. Prosecutors also claim that surveillance footage captures Armstrong’s vehicle passing by Wilson’s home shortly before Wilson’s death.

Police claim that Armstrong used the exercise app called Strava to track Wilson, as well as her then-boyfriend’s laptop and phone to access information about Wilson. Wilson visited Armstrong’s boyfriend, a professional cyclist named Colin Strickland, on the day of her death. According to reports, Wilson went swimming with Strickland, and Strickland dropped the elite cyclist at her home moments before she died. Prosecutors claim that Strickland and Wilson shared a brief romantic relationship before her death, and Strickland lied to Armstrong about his whereabouts on the day of Wilson’s death.

Armstrong allegedly used Strava to track Wilson and Strickland and followed them back to Wilson’s apartment. Upon arriving at the apartment, authorities claim that Armstrong entered and shot Wilson to death using a nine-millimeter handgun. Armstrong owned a nine-millimeter pistol, prompting police to issue an arrest warrant for the accused murderer.

Following Wilson’s death, Armstrong left the United States to visit Costa Rica. Upon returning to the United States, police arrested Armstrong, who subsequently attempted to escape from jail before ultimately failing. Prosecutors claim Armstrong’s bizarre visit to Costa Rica and failed escape attempt are indications of her guilt, but Armstrong’s defense attorney maintains the accused shooter’s innocence. Armstrong faces an additional charge of escape causing bodily injury, an offense she’ll likely be convicted of even if found innocent in the murder case. Armstrong’s trial is expected to take up to two weeks and features heavy witness testimony and graphic security footage.

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