Trump Campaign Fires Back at Christie’s Camp

( — Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has responded to former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s various comments abut Trump’s decision to skip the initial Republican debates. Christie has been critical of Trump in public appearances, using media interviews to admonish the former president and respond to Trump’s comments regarding him.

In Christie’s most recent attack, he challenged Donald Trump to attend the debates to “defend his record.” He went on to claim that if you’re attempting to secure a nomination, you have to defend your record to establish the validity of your campaign. Christie then went on to call Trump a “liar” and a “coward” before stating that he believes Trump will attend the debates due to his ego. Christie’s criticism of Trump isn’t unexpected, as he’s continuously insulted him since announcing his presidential campaign months ago.

Trump has criticized Christie since announcing his campaign in May, most recently focusing on Christie’s recommendation of the current FBI Director Christopher Wray. According to Trump, Christie heavily recommended Wray as a potential nominee, a decision that has seemingly backfired due to the FBI’s ongoing investigations into Donald Trump. Trump claims it was Christie’s idea to hire the current director and called Christie a “sad case.” While both candidates have spent plenty of time criticizing one another, Trump remains the most popular Republican candidate.

While Christie is lagging behind other candidates like Trump or Ron DeSantis, his campaign has raised over $1.59 million since announcing his bid in May. Christie’s campaign has raised more than former Vice President Mike Pence, meaning that Christie could dwarf Pence in terms of popularity. Despite having a lead over Pence, Christie is still one of the most unpopular GOP candidates, having less than five percent of supporters’ votes. Despite his lack of support, Christie has remained adamant that he will continue his campaign and that he is the best choice for America’s next president.

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