Trump Claims To Have Avoided a Nuclear Holocaust With North Korea

( — Donald Trump is the subject of multiple criminal and civil cases, including a civil fraud case in New York. During his deposition, Trump testified that he avoided a “nuclear holocaust” with North Korea, citing his peace negotiations with Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Trump claims nuclear war would’ve erupted without his presidency and the talks between North Korea and the United States. Trump also claimed that he believes a nuclear war isn’t entirely impossible under President Joe Biden. The deposition lasted over 7 hours and primarily concerned Trump’s net worth, which he is accused of inflating to fraud investors and mislead consumers.

Despite these claims, Trump repeatedly states his net worth to be in the billions, and claims of his net worth being much lower are inaccurate. While Trump remains involved in several civil cases, his defense team is primarily concerned with the ongoing criminal cases involving the former president, which will play out during the middle of next year’s presidential election.

Trump remains dismissive about the civil fraud case against him and even told New York’s Attorney General Letitia James she needed to drop the case. James is pursuing the civil action regardless of Trump’s demand and publicly stated that Trump inflated his net worth by over 2 billion dollars or 39%. James also accuses Trump of inflating the prices of his companies’ assets, including golf courses and skyscrapers. Trump denies James’ claims and believes her case against him will fail if brought before a jury.

Trump’s legal team released the deposition testimony, which covered topics like Trump’s involvement in his companies and his time in the White House. Trump lashed out at James on his social media platform, Truth Social, and accused James of using the civil case against him as election interference. Despite Trump’s claims, the civil fraud case will likely move forward as scheduled, with Trump expected to appear before a judge on September 22 for a pre-trial hearing.

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