Trump Continues To Dominate Polls Post-Indictment

( — According to a recent NBC poll, Donald Trump’s popularity has actually grown following his federal indictment. Trump has already stated his intention to plead not guilty in relation to the thirty-seven different charges that have been brought against him, and has stated that he will not be dropping out of the upcoming election should he be found guilty.

According to the NBC poll, 51 percent of Republican voters see Trump as their top choice, a marked increase from the 46 percent he had just months ago. After Trump, DeSantis is the second most popular GOP candidate, with no other candidate getting close. Trump still enjoys a strong lead over DeSantis in the polls, although DeSantis himself recently experienced an increase in popularity following the Trump indictment scandal.

DeSantis actually had a three point increase shortly after the indictment, but has since lost this brief bump. Trump has now doubled his lead over DeSantis, meaning his place as the Republican nominee seems almost assured. This is still subject to change of course, especially since Trump’s various legal cases will all be unfolding in the midst of primary season.

Trump is facing criminal charges on both the state and federal level, and will likely struggle in maintaining his lead against more active candidates like Ron DeSantis and Tim Scott. Trump doesn’t seem worried about how his legal cases will affect his performance however, and is adamant that he is the premier Republican candidate to unseat President Joe Biden.

Trump recently appeared at the annual Faith and Freedom conference, where he was met with resounding support by the audience. During his appearance he spoke about various topics, including abortion, and he proclaimed himself to be the “most pro-life” president. Trump was also criticized at the event by Chris Christie during his own speech, which prompted heavy booing from the audience. While Trump’s popularity will probably subside during next year’s election season, it seems as though he’s still the favorite Republican candidate for now.

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