Trump Denies Wrongdoing Despite Leaked Recordings

( — Donald Trump has responded to the audio recording scandal involving his discussion of classified materials by claiming that he did nothing wrong. Trump went on to compare the release of the recordings to election interference, and said those responsible for the recording knew he had done nothing wrong.

The audio is damning, especially as it comes just weeks after Trump was indicted on federal charges related to his alleged mishandling of classified information. The recordings involve Trump discussing documents he received from top Pentagon officials during his time in office and even indicate that the United States had plans to attack Iran during Trump’s presidency. Despite the developing controversy, Trump is still doing exceptionally well in polls and remains the favorite Republican candidate ahead of the 2024 election.

Morning Consult conducted a poll over the candidates for next year’s presidential election, in which Trump outperformed Joe Biden for the first time. Typically Biden has topped Donald Trump’s performance by a few points, but the aging Biden has now fallen behind Trump by the same margin. Despite his dropping support, Biden is almost certainly going to be the Democratic candidate for 2024, and will likely be running against Donald Trump for the second time. Other GOP candidates like Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley are still in the race but have failed to gain traction when compared to the overwhelming lead that Trump has maintained for months.

On the audio tape Trump can be heard clearly discussing national secrets in his golf club, despite his status as a civilian. Regardless of the evidence against him, Trump remains defiant and has pled not guilty to the thirty-seven charges that have been brought against him. While his performance in polls has been fluctuating since the federal indictment, Trump will likely be the Republican candidate for next year’s election. Trump has already made it clear that even if he was found guilty by a jury, he would not be dropping out of next year’s presidential election.

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