Trump Getting Major Pushback For “Gestapo” Remarks

( — The White House has released a statement condemning former President Donald Trump due to the former president’s comments comparing the Biden administration to Nazi Germany’s Gestapo, which helped the infamous fascist government take control of Germany during the 1930s.

Trump made the controversial comparison during an appearance at a donation event, and it comes just days after Trump got in trouble for violating a gag order instituted against him. According to Trump, the Biden administration is using Gestapo-like tactics to win the 2024 presidential election, which Trump claims he’ll win unless Biden uses his executive power illegally.

Despite Trump’s claims that the comparison is appropriate given the White House’s recent actions, other influential people have criticized the former president and deemed his comments offensive. One such person is Amy Spitalnick, the CEO of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, who said that Trump acted despicably by comparing the Biden administration to the Gestapo. Spitalnick noted that Trump has a history of making antisemitic comments and called Trump “authoritarian” when talking about his political platform.

The White House echoed Spitalnick’s comments during its response to Trump’s comparison and highlighted Trump’s controversial comments as evidence of the former president’s intolerant nature. The Biden administration’s response included quotes from Trump, in which the former president called for deportations of undocumented immigrants. The former president also claimed that illegal immigrants were “poisoning’ the United States, which the White House compared to comments made by Adolf Hitler and other infamous world leaders.

While the White House publicly criticized Trump for his controversial comments, other elected officials quickly defended the former president. Among the lawmakers who rushed to Trump’s defense is Doug Burgum, North Dakota’s governor, who could run alongside Trump as the former president’s running mate. Burgum claims that the Gestapo comments criticized by the White House weren’t essential to the former president’s point and that most Americans agree with Trump that the ongoing criminal cases against the former president are politically motivated.

Trump’s campaign hasn’t addressed the former president’s controversial comments since they made national headlines, but Trump likely agrees with Burgum’s assessment of the controversy. When Trump compared the Biden administration to the Gestapo, he was discussing his ongoing hush money trial in New York City. The former president regularly expresses his anger regarding the criminal proceedings against him and frequently accuses the Biden administration of weaponizing the justice system for political reasons.

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