Trump Heeds Attorney’s Advice: No Press Conference in GA Case

( — Former President and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled a press conference in Georgia, claiming his attorneys advised him against the appearance. Trump claims the press conference would have unveiled new evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, but he is now canceling the public appearance.

Trump went on to state that his attorneys are working to dismiss the latest indictment against him and claim that he is innocent of the charges against him. The Georgia indictment is the fourth criminal indictment against the former president in months, bringing the total number of criminal charges against Trump to 91.

Trump’s attorneys recommended he avoid making public comments about his various ongoing criminal cases, likely to prevent punitive measures by the judges overseeing Trump’s cases. One such judge issued a protective order against Trump to avoid having evidence shared with the public and claimed that any future inflammatory comments from the former president would encourage a speedier trial to prevent witness intimidation. Despite the ongoing legal issues plaguing Trump’s presidential campaign, he confirmed that he would not drop out of the race even if found guilty.

Trump claims that his decision to cancel the press appearance will also help his case, as the report he intended to release will instead be filed legally to substantiate his election fraud claims. Trump’s attorneys remained silent about whether or not they possess evidence of election fraud and advised Trump to focus on his plans rather than make public comments about his ongoing legal battles. Trump claims that his team has “irrefutable” and “conclusive” evidence of fraud in the 2020 election but hasn’t stated what the report says. While the report remains hidden from the public, it will likely surface in the coming weeks once the Georgia case against Trump develops further.

Trump reacted to the multiple indictments against him, claiming that each was part of a “witch hunt” and that the appearance of various criminal accusations within several months discredited the charges against him. Despite his claims, Trump will still be appearing in court throughout the following year and will have to stave off claims of criminality from other presidential candidates to remain successful. Trump remains the most popular GOP candidate in next year’s election, but his performance could suffer if the legal battles against the former president continue to develop.

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