Trump Outperforms Political Rivals, Including Pence and Christie

( — According to recent polls, the two lowest-ranking GOP candidates in the upcoming presidential election are former Vice President Mike Pence and former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. Christie consistently polls as the least popular Republican running in next year’s election and maintains an abysmal -55% approval rating among Republican voters. Pence is in a similar situation, with an approval rating of -33%.

Despite the terrible performances of both candidates, they remain confident that they’re the best candidates running amongst the GOP and regularly criticize other candidates, such as the party frontrunner, Donald Trump. Trump consistently outperforms every other Republican running in the election by double digits and maintains an approval rating among Republicans of 52%.

Trump’s astounding performance confuses many top officials, as he’s currently the subject of numerous criminal cases in multiple states. Trump’s charges range from the local level to federal offenses across 4 states. Despite the former president’s ongoing legal battles, Trump remains the favorite presidential candidate of many Republican and Independent voters.

By comparison, Trump’s former running mate, Mike Pence, is steadily declining in popularity among American voters, primarily due to his outspoken criticisms of Donald Trump and his staunchly conservative platform. Many voters feel that Pence’s reliance on religious devotion and traditional Republican talking points is too old-fashioned and that his political platform hinges on his status as a well-known evangelical. Pence’s audience is dwindling, as around two dozen potential voters attended his last event. In the event, Pence discussed common conservative talking points, including the need for a strong military and the ongoing economic failures of the Biden Administration.

Christie’s campaign is in worse shape than Pence’s, as Christie’s entire platform is built on criticizing Donald Trump. Christie even blamed Trump for the current inflation spike and stated that the federal government wasn’t entirely responsible for the ongoing economic problems in the United States. Christie is the least likely GOP candidate to receive the party’s nomination for the upcoming election and instead seems concerned with hindering Donald Trump’s re-election. While Christie believes Trump will fail to secure the nomination, polls nationwide indicate Trump is the most likely candidate to run against President Joe Biden.

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