Trump Takes Huge Lead Over DeSantis in Straw Poll

( — Former President Donald Trump has taken a massive lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a Wisconsin poll that shows Trump with a 20 point advantage over his closest Republican primary rival. DeSantis was only sixteen points behind Trump during the last Wisconsin poll, and has seemingly lost support in recent weeks.

The new poll showed that around fifty percent of those involved support Donald Trump, while only thirty four percent supported DeSantis. The poll also measured sentiment about other Republicans, including Vivek Ramaswamy, Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott. Ramaswamy came in a distant third place, with Haley and Scott polling even lower than him. While the polling results aren’t all that surprising, given Wisconsin voters support of Trump in the past, it is surprising that Trump has gained support following the controversial federal indictment leveled against him.

Other polls have been released pertaining to Donald Trump, with varying results. One poll conducted by the Harvard Center for American Political Science showed that despite the federal indictment and potential prison sentence, Trump still outperforms President Joe Biden in terms of widespread support, and it showed that Donald Trump is still the most likely Republican nominee ahead of the upcoming election. Trump is currently facing seventy different charges, in both state and federal courts, and yet is still the favorite in terms of a Republican candidate.

Donald Trump’s classified documents case has had a tentative trial date set for August 14, 2023. Although this trial will likely be postponed so both sides can more adequately prepare, it’s evident that the judge overseeing the case is attempting to reach a conclusion faster than most federal criminal trials.

Trump isn’t expected to appear on his state level charges until next year, during primary season, so the quick trial for his federal case has left many citizens confused. Trump has already released a statement that should he be found guilty and sentenced for the federal charges, he will still be running for president in the 2024 election.

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