Trump Vows Death Penalty For Human Traffickers

( — In his latest campaign video, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump promoted the film “Sound of Freedom” and promised that if he is elected again, he would seek to impose the death penalty on human traffickers, The Hill reported.

In the campaign video, Trump said his latest policy promises were prompted by viewing the film “Sound of Freedom” at his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey last week. He thanked producer Eduardo Verástegui, actor Jim Caviezel, and former Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard for their work, adding, “Together, we will end the scourge of human trafficking.”

In the campaign/film promotion video, Trump described “Sound of Freedom as a “national sensation” and a “colossal” box office success. He urged Americans to ignore the fake news reviews about “Sound of Freedom” and go see the film, which he described as a “very important documentary” and movie “all wrapped up in one.”

After boasting of the actions he took to curb human trafficking during his term in office, Trump promised that if he is elected president again, he would “immediately” put a stop to the border crisis that human traffickers use to “exploit vulnerable women and children.” He said he would “urge Congress” to propose legislation making trafficking children across the southern border a death penalty offense.

Trump also said he would reimplement the pandemic-era policy Title 42 so illegal aliens are expelled from the US more quickly and those trafficked can be returned to their home country.

Trump claimed that just as he “destroyed the ISIS caliphate,” he will wage war on the drug cartels that traffic in people.

The former president pointed out that there isn’t much concern about the “modern slavery” of human trafficking from the people who are seeking reparations for the slavery that was abolished after the Civil War.

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