Trump’s Former Lawyer Believes He’s The Next Hitler

( – Thursday, December 7th, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” where he told Joy Reid that if elected Trump would declare himself king.

This was part of a larger discussion between Reid and Cohen about Trump and his statements during a December 5th televised town hall event. During that event, Fox News host Sean Hannity asked Trump to promise that he would not abuse presidential power if he were elected, particularly in retribution against people whom he may have issues with. Trump implied he wouldn’t “except for Day One” causing cheers from the audience. Trump then indicated that he would close the American border and drill for oil.

Two days later, Joy Reid seemed extremely frightened by this exchange. She did not seem to find anything about the discussion amusing at all, despite former President Trump remarking humorously about Hannity just openly asking if he was “gonna be a dictator”. Many of Trump’s avid fans have commented that his humor is one of the things they love about him. Alarmed, Reid said the people “don’t take Trump seriously” and expressed how shocked she was that the audience laughed at his remark indicating he would be a dictator on day one, but not after that. She seemed concerned that the audience either believed he was joking or in fact, wanted him to be a dictator.

Cohen agreed that it was concerning. He claimed to know former President Trump better than anyone else, and that he knew that Trump would declare himself king, or even Fuhrer. He further suggested that if elected Trump would rewrite the constitution. He declared that Trump would insist on loyalty oaths. He warned Reid that Trump would shut down MSNBC and “throw everyone into Gitmo”.

Cohen then took a moment to mention his book “Revenge” which asserts that Donald Trump weaponized the US legal system when he was President, to attack his enemies, which included himself.

In 2018 Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for various crimes, including campaign finance violations, tax evasion, and lying to Congress. He served 13 and a half months plus another year and a half of home confinement.

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