Trump’s Niece Claims That He “Couldn’t Handle” Jail

( — Mary Trump, a psychologist, writer, and niece of former President Trump, has recently expressed doubt that her uncle would enjoy jail.

Trump is currently on trial in New York over allegedly paying hush money to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels. It may not seem to be a contentious statement but there are some who believe the former president is deliberately angling for jail time to inflame his supporters. Mary Trump, no fan of her uncle Donald, doesn’t think he would risk it, saying he “couldn’t’ handle” jail.

In Mary Trump’s Substack, she addressed the question by imagining that his “tough guy” facade would crumble without access to hair styling products and his cell phone. She also recently appeared on the podcast, The Back Room, with host Andy Ostroy making similar remarks. While once again taking aim at her uncle’s hair, she suggested that even if he were hoping for jail time, there would be no reason not to give it to him. She added that the prosecution’s refusal to consider jail time for Donald Trump was demoralizing.

She was referring to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office statement that they would not yet be seeking jail time for Donald Trump in order to minimize disruptions to the proceedings. Bragg’s office was talking specifically about former president’ Trump’s repeated violations of the court gag orders. Prosecutor Christopher Conroy has characterized these violations as deliberate rather than accidental. Donald Trump is being accused of nine separate violations of the gag order.

Mary Trump has been a long-time critic of Donald Trump, having released the book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.” in 2020. She has also stated that if he becomes president for a second term, then democracy is over. This hyperbolic messaging is becoming more frequent from many left-wing commenters. While Mary Trump has expressed frustration that her uncle seems to find a way out of trouble, she commented that the trial is still in “early days.”

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