Trump’s Trial Date Officially Set For March 2024

( — Former President Donald Trump recently appeared in a virtual court, in which his official trial date was set. Trump will go on trial in March 2024, just months before he’s planning on running for president. The charges leveled against Trump include 34 counts of falsifying business records, in relation to a 2016 hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels regarding an affair, an incident that Trump denies ever happening. Despite Trump’s claims, he’s the subject of a criminal trial which will no doubt hinder his ongoing efforts to win the 2024 election against other Republican hopefuls like Tim Scott or Ron DeSantis. In spite of these difficulties Trump still seems confident in his ability to win the Republican nomination. While Trump is facing an uphill battle in his attempt to win the election over Biden, the former president still maintains popularity with the majority of US conservatives. Trump was also subject to a civil trial that ended recently, regarding his defamation of former magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll.

The civil trial concluded with a jury finding Trump liable, and instituting a $5 million dollar settlement for Jean Carroll. Trump was also found liable for civil battery against Jean Carroll, another incident he denies ever happening. Trump has stated that he fully intends to appeal the verdict in the civil case, although the likelihood of such an appeal making it through the courts seems slim. Trump would have to have his case and the ensuing outcome overturned in a New York City court. Trump claims that the courts within New York City are biased against him, a claim that if true would no doubt mean his upcoming criminal trial will be even more difficult for him to overcome.

Trump also had a protective order leveled against him during his recent criminal trial proceeding, that limits the information Trump can provide to the public regarding the discovery process. The order doesn’t constitute a gag order however, meaning Trump can campaign and publicly proclaim his innocence. Despite being able to deny his criminality it’s clear that Trump’s 2024 campaign will likely suffer from his ongoing criminal trial, and he’ll have a hard time winning amidst the rest of his legal issues.

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