Twin Girls Severely Abused by Their Parents, One Later Died

( — Two young parents in Cocoa, Florida, are facing criminal child abuse charges after one of their 3-month-old twin daughters died in their care. 18-year-old Hannah Jones and 23-year-old Quentin Smith called 911 after finding one of their infants unresponsive and lying on her stomach on Thursday, October 5th. They performed CPR on the child while awaiting the paramedics.

Cocoa Police spokesperson said that although attempts were made to revive the unresponsive infant, they were ultimately unsuccessful. The infant was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Both babies showed visible signs of injuries, which were photographed as evidence. The deceased twin showed circular bruises on her head, body, and face. She also had a swollen arm and bruises on her rib area and on her upper back. Her twin sister also had bruises on her head and face, as well as a visible bite mark near her buttocks.

Jones first claimed the twins had been in the habit of “banging their heads” against their bassinet. She later admitted that she knew Smith had been hurting them and had not reported it. She said that Smith had a habit of biting them, squeezing their faces during feedings, and had picked up her late daughter by her arm, which could have caused the swelling. Smith admitted to biting the children, even saying that Jones had asked him to stop but that he didn’t. He said it had been about a week since he had bitten one of his daughters. He also said he’d shaken one of the babies recently to quiet her. He also accused Jones of dangling the babies upside down by the leg in an unsafe manner.

So far, Smith has been charged with child neglect with great bodily injury, aggravated child abuse, and domestic battery. Jones is charged with child neglect with great bodily injury, aggravated child abuse, and failure to report. Cocoa police are continuing the investigation, and more charges are expected in the case.

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