U.S. Evacuating Citizens That Remain in Sudan

(NationalUSNews.com) — The United States has started land evacuations for American citizens that are still within the country of Sudan, following the recent turmoil that now plagues the country. Sudan recently erupted into conflict as two rival generals are now fighting for control of the country. There were an estimated 16,000 U.S. citizens in Sudan when the conflict started, with many having dual citizenship status and refusing to leave. Despite the fact that the White House is trying to facilitate an evacuation effort, President Biden has denied any intention to put troops on the ground within the warring African country. While the initial conflict that plunged Sudan is different from the chaos that occurred within Afghanistan, there are some parallels between the two botched pull-outs that have some Americans concerned.

The White House’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was extremely controversial, as it left military equipment behind that is now being used by the Taliban. The withdrawal was so problematic that it’s now being investigated by House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul. It’s estimated that following the U.S. leaving the country, there was over seven billion dollars worth of military equipment left behind, according to the Department of Defense. That equipment is now under the control of the Taliban. Another parallel between the two withdrawals is that of people being left behind, with the U.S. not evacuating over 78,000 allies that aided the government’s efforts in the Middle Eastern country.

Despite the chaotic withdrawal of Afghanistan happening while Joe Biden was president, the White House remains adamant that the fault lies with Trump. This isn’t uncommon as Trump has been the White House’s go to answer when confronted with rising issues in the U.S. such as inflation, rising gas prices, and the ongoing war in Ukraine. It appears as though it’s only a matter of time until the withdrawal from Sudan is also the fault of Donald J. Trump, should the Biden Administration keep up with its ongoing blame game.

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