U.S. Senator Is Retiring, After Years Of Working

(NationalUSNews.com) — Delaware Senator Tom Carper is planning to retire following the end of his fourth term in 2024, raising concerns that the Democrats might potentially lose a seat upon his exit from the Senate. Carper has served in public office within Delaware since the days of Jimmy Carter’s presidency, and has occupied the positions of US Representative, Delaware Governor, and US Senator. Having occupied both the House and the Senate, Carper is arguably one of the most experienced politicians within the country. Although Delaware is typically a “Democrat Stronghold” state, meaning that its political offices are predominantly occupied by Democratic officials, some think that Carper’s exit may open the door for a Republican candidate to step in. Although the possibility of a Republican joining the ranks of Delaware’s senators is slim, it does draw into question Delaware’s role during the 2024 election.

Carper’s exit isn’t just a cause for concern for Delaware Democrats, but Democrats from across the nation. Upon his retirement, Carper will cause the Democratic Party’s majority within the Senate to become 50-49, with the last position remaining uncertain until his successor is elected. Should the Democrats lose their majority in the Senate, Biden could be facing an uphill battle during his re-election bid, as he’d be lacking widespread support from both congressional bodies. The Senate losing a Democratic majority would also make policy development incredibly difficult for the Biden Administration should they win the 2024 election, and would likely result in congressional gridlock like the days of the Obama Administration.

Carper was a big supporter of some of the Biden Administrations largest policies, including the heavily criticized $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Carper’s exodus from the US Senate will make for a contested 2024 election, and will no doubt make the Democratic Party’s efforts to retain their majority even more difficult than before. Carper may not be the only Democrat planning on leaving office, as Senator Dianne Feinstein’s declining health could lead to her exiting office sooner than expected as well. Should both senators leave office, the Democrats and Republicans would both have forty-nine officials within the congressional body, leaving the future of the US Senate unknown.

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