Unaccompanied Six-Year-Old Is Placed on the Incorrect Flight by Spirit Airlines

(NationalUSNews.com) — Children travelling alone are always a source of worry for families, but airlines have been accommodating this for many decades. Nearly every airline has a protocol for it. Spirit Airlines policy states that children from 5 to 14 may travel alone as unaccompanied minors and only on trips that do not require a flight change. There are also specific requirements for hand-offs, boarding, and a photo ID, and the child will be given a lanyard with pertinent information on it. All unaccompanied minors are introduced to any flight attendants who will be responsible for them for the duration of the flight.

On December 21, somehow, with all of that protocol in place and modern-day security regulations, Spirit Airlines in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, still managed to accidentally place an unaccompanied 6-year-old on the wrong flight. Young Caspar was going to visit his grandmother, Maria Ramos, in Fort Myers, Florida, but was instead sent to Orlando, Florida, 160 miles away.

Spirit has issued an apology but claims that once they realized the mistake had been made, they tried to contact the family. However, the family says they had no idea the mix-up had occurred until the child FaceTimed his grandmother after landing in Orlando. Ramos was already frantic, as she had been waiting at the Southwest Florida International Airport to pick him up, and when asked, officials simply told her he wasn’t on the flight. Initially, they believed he had missed his flight.

Ramos said that Spirit offered to drive Casper to his destination, but the family declined, preferring to make the 3 and a half-hour drive themselves. Ramos was outraged over the Spirit Airlines public statement, as she says the family was not notified. They had to discover that the child had been misplaced by the child himself. The airline has not admitted to any fault, nor have they explained how the error occurred. They just stated that they take the safety of all their passengers seriously and added that they are conducting internal investigations.

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