United States Sets a New Record for the Number of Mass Shootings in a Single Year

(NationalUSNews.com) — Following a string of murders over the past weekend, the United States reached a new record for the number of mass shootings committed in one year. Two different murders occurred within hours of one another in Texas and Washington, setting the new record for mass shootings at 38 per year. The Washington murder involves a family of five and is being investigated as a murder-suicide. The Texas shooting involved a suspect who shot five people in their home, including a young child. Both shootings are receiving national media attention and mark a growing trend within the United States.

The previous record of mass shootings per year was 36 and was established in 2006. Another recent attack involving a stabbing also took place, and this is the 41st mass killing in the United States in 2023. According to an Associated Press database that records statistics about mass killings, more than 200 people died during mass killings in 2023. The database defines a mass killing as an incident that causes the deaths of at least four individuals.

Despite the number and notoriety of mass shootings, most occur in private residences or homeless shelters. Different organizations and media groups record mass shootings differently, with some recording any incident involving gun violence resulting in multiple injuries or deaths as a mass shooting. This style of recording mass shootings dramatically increases statistics, raising the total number of incidents in 2023 to 630.

According to a report from The Guardian, most shootings became less frequent during 2020 and 2021 but are now becoming more common. During the Fourth of July weekend alone, 16 different shootings resulted in 15 deaths and almost 100 injuries. The shooting with the most fatalities in 2023 occurred in Lewiston, Maine, in October and resulted in 18 deaths. The second deadliest shooting occurred in Monterey Park, California, and resulted in 11 deaths.

The trend of increasing gun violence is receiving national media attention, and certain lawmakers are taking steps to limit the production and sale of guns in an effort to limit firearm deaths. President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to limit the circulation of “assault weapons” but hasn’t passed legislation that would effectively prevent further mass shootings during his first term.

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