Unprecedented Wildfire Season Destroys Millions of Acres

(NationalUSNews.com) — A historic wildfire season in Canada has destroyed approximately 45 million acres before finally ending, marking a record-breaking wave of destruction unseen in Canada since 1995. The last severe wildfire season ended in 1995 and destroyed about 17.5 million acres of land, making the latest wildfire season the most destructive in Canada’s history.

Throughout the season, wildfires burned land in every Canadian province and displaced thousands of citizens from their homes. According to some, the record-breaking wildfire season resulted from climate change, and more natural disasters of this magnitude will follow unless world leaders take steps to prevent further destructive events. There is no evidence that “climate change” “caused” these fires. Some are comparing the Canadian wildfire to the recent fire that ravaged Maui, causing the deaths of approximately 100 citizens.

Although the Maui wildfire destroyed homes and displaced hundreds, tourism is beginning to reopen on the Hawaiian island. Residents of Maui claim they aren’t ready to start serving tourists due to the devastating effects of the fire and believe more time is required before Maui citizens can provide the “aloha spirit” that tourists desire. One resident claims that tourists frequently ask about the fire and whether or not he lost his home during the natural disaster.

While Hawaii is known for the “aloha spirit” and for being a tourist hot spot, residents directly affected by the fire said their “aloha is reserved for our families right now.” President Biden famously claimed climate change was responsible for the Maui wildfire, which many believe is false due to evidence of an electric failure prompting the blaze, which destroyed much of Lahaina.

Climate change remains a popular talking point in President Biden’s administration. According to some sources, climate change is causing a decline in the affordability of homes nationwide. President Biden is taking steps to prevent further damage, allegedly from climate change. Still, many Republicans believe Biden is using the controversial topic to appeal to younger voters who believe climate change is a pressing issue that threatens millions. While the specific cause of the record-breaking wildfires in Canada remains a mystery, high-ranking officials claim future wildfires will occur without policies to prevent climate change.

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