Us Army Intends “Sweeping Changes” To Fix Recruitment Shortfalls

( — Officials from the United States Army confirmed that the recruitment goal wasn’t met in 2022 and announced changes to improve the military’s lackluster recruitment over the past few years. Among the proposed changes is a focus on recruiting people on college campuses and high schools to increase the number of volunteers.

The proposed changes are a response to a 25-year study, which indicates a steady decline in military recruitment since the 1970s. The overhaul to the Army’s recruiting methods will also allocate more resources to the military’s marketing budget and provide multiple million-dollar ads designed to attract more people to join the armed forces. According to Army representatives, one of the potential causes of the declining military recruitment statistics is a decline in public health, as fewer people are physically eligible to join the military than ever before.

Another proposed adjustment to the recruitment process is a redefined career-track for Army recruiters, likely to encourage recruits to seek out more people to join the armed forces actively. Recruiters are how most enlisted join the Army; without them, the military would see even fewer recruits than it currently gets. The career-track change will create a new recruitment MOS, or military occupational strategy. The recruitment position is typically a temporary role that multiple officers fill each cycle, but now it’ll become an active occupation with a chain of command and career path. According to representatives from the Army, recruitment efforts declined following the pandemic, but the career-track change will encourage recruiters to become more active in their communities.

The overhaul of the Army is likely an effort to increase military enlistment numbers in response to growing international tensions. Many Americans feel a global conflict could start without active change in international relations, and the military will need more active troops to remain effective in the event of a conflict. Without reaching a satisfactory number of enlisted for a conflict, the military may resort to using conscription to bolster the military’s ranks. Such an outcome remains unlikely, as both political parties remain committed to using diplomacy to prevent further international conflict.

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