US Insists That Gaza Continue Receiving More Aid

( — According to officials representing the United States, the United States is demanding increased humanitarian aid and fuel provided to Gaza during the temporary ceasefire. The ceasefire enabled increased aid to flow into Gaza due to the lack of fighting on transport routes into the region, and two senior officials claim the ongoing humanitarian assistance will continue upon the temporary pause’s end. The temporary ceasefire enables both Gaza and Israel to exchange hostages safely and will likely end soon.

According to one senior United States official, the ongoing humanitarian aid is unrelated to the hostage releases. The Biden Administration addressed concerns that assistance to Gaza would end upon the expiration of the temporary ceasefire and confirmed that, upon the continuation of the conflict, aid would continue. The White House’s comments come as a military plane stocked with humanitarian aid items landed in Egypt, followed by two additional aircraft.

Despite the increased aid efforts for the citizens of Gaza, nonprofit aid organizations are claiming it’s not enough to provide relief for the civilians affected by the Israel-Hamas war. According to a spokesperson for the United Nations, the conflict displaced 1.7 million people, all of whom need aid. The spokesperson, Stéphane Dujarric, claims that despite the ongoing humanitarian efforts of the United States, the ongoing crisis in Gaza is getting worse with each passing day.

The Israel-Hamas war is ongoing, and some United States officials believe Israel will carry out a new military operation in the southern Gaza region. According to the officials, the region is home to over two million Palestinians, prompting concerns about more civilian displacement by Israeli forces. The Biden Administration identified these concerns while addressing Israel, claiming that future military operations cannot displace more Palestinians.

The concerns about Israel’s operations in the Gaza region aren’t just among United States officials but among the United Nations as well. According to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, a humanitarian ceasefire is urgently needed for Palestinian civilians. According to Guterres, Israel’s ongoing bombardment of Gaza, combined with recent ground operations by Israeli forces, has resulted in over 10,000 deaths. Among those killed in the operations are over 4,000 children.

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