US Plans New Hypersonic Missile Test

( — Military experts believe the United States Air Force is preparing to launch a new hypersonic missile, capable of traveling more than 15,000 miles per hour, in an attempt to discourage nations like China and Russia from continuing hostilities. The United States Air Force revealed the missile, known colloquially as an “air-launched rapid response weapon,” by sharing images of the hypersonic missile and hinting at an impending launch. Should the United States successfully launch the hypersonic missile, it would be the second nation on the planet to possess such a weapon.

China is the only nation on the planet confirmed to possess a hypersonic missile of similar strength, causing the United States to enter an arms race to develop its rapid-response weapon. Following the Air Force’s reveal of the rocket, Russia’s military began developing a weapon capable of competing with the United States and China. The United States Air Force states that the hypersonic missile can be used from approximately 1,000 miles away, connected, and deployed from standard bomber-style planes.

While military officials haven’t confirmed if a hypersonic missile test is underway, multiple sources believe the United States Air Force plans to test the weapon in the Pacific Ocean. The United States military has a history of testing various weapons and explosive devices, including atomic bombs, in the Pacific Ocean, given the vast space and lack of potential collateral damage within the region. The military quickly dispelled rumors about a potential test and said the decision to reveal the missile was simply to share information about weapon development.

The images of the hypersonic missile indicate that the United States Air Force has already successfully developed it, as it featured markings typically used on live ammunition. The United States Air Force released a statement about the device, confirming that it planned on training its troops to use and store hypersonic devices. Military experts claim the missile isn’t the only one possessed by the United States, with some estimating the military currently owns at least five similar devices.

Although the Air Force released a statement claiming it wouldn’t pursue a hypersonic missile device, military officials did notify citizens near the nation of Guam, where the missile is stored, about potentially testing a new device within the next week. The military warned people to avoid the area for the foreseeable future. While the United States military hasn’t confirmed the hypersonic missile’s status as completed, other nations like China and Russia are working on similar programs, indicating an arms race between nations. Russia, in particular, seems devoted to creating a functional hypersonic rocket and recently tested a similar weapon capable of traveling more than 7,000 miles per hour. Should the United States Air Force decide to test the hypersonic missile, experts believe the test could unfold as early as next week.

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