Vigilante Justice: Man Tracks, Shoots Suspect Who Stole His Truck

( — There was a deadly shooting on Thursday, July 27 in San Antonio, Texas, which police say occurred after a man chased after the guy who stole his car and shot him dead. According to Chief William McManus of the San Antonio police force, the individual whose Ford truck was stolen saw it nearby in a parking lot at the Southwest shopping center in San Antonio. The man who had been robbed was armed and confronted a male thief and female accomplice in the truck. The suspects were on the ground at gunpoint when the male suspect pulled a weapon and was shot dead. The female with him was also severely wounded. Police arrived to find the dead male suspect and wounded woman, who was rushed to hospital.

Speaking to reporters following the incident, McManus confirmed the “bad guy” was the one killed, saying that the actions of the man who had been robbed were justified since he was trying to “recover his property” and had come under fire while waiting for police to arrive. The man who’d been robbed was also wounded in the gunfight with non-life-threatening injuries.

In terms of whether it had been the morally right action, McManus said that’s a matter of opinion but did add that police do not condone vigilante justice and would prefer that people who’ve been robbed stay completely out of trying to intervene without a police presence. Legal experts say that under Texas state law the man who shot the suspects is unlikely to face any legal consequences for the shootout or incidents which occurred.

Witnesses on scene say that the gunfight led to a temporary lockdown of the local area as users of a local gym and passersby were asked to stay out of the zone where the rapid and deadly shootout occurred. The identities of those involved in this shooting have not yet been released by San Antonio police, nor have any details of the injuries been made public.

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