We Should Be Worried About War With China, Says Top US General

(NationalUSNews.com) — According to the highest-ranking officer in the United States military, American citizens should be “worried” about a potential conflict between the United States and China. General Charles Q. Brown Jr. claims that China is a genuine threat to the United States and that the likely source of a war between the two nations is Taiwan. Brown referred to several polls during his appearance on Fox News Sunday, which indicate a growing concern about China and a potential conflict.

According to multiple polls from the Reagan Institute, more than 50 percent of Americans consider China the most significant foreign threat to the United States. Polls also indicate that 74 percent of Americans believe a war with China will occur within a few years. During his interview, Brown claimed the United States military is strong and capable of defending the United States but agreed that Americans should be concerned about a war with China.

Brown also claims that the conflict will likely occur if China decides to invade Taiwan. China’s President Xi Jinping claims that Taiwan is a part of China, but Taiwan officials insist on the island’s status as an independent nation. President Joe Biden vocally supports Taiwan and considers it an ally of the United States, going so far as to claim that the United States will defend Taiwan from an invasion.

Despite concerns about a potential war with China, Brown says that the United States military will work to maintain peace despite international tension between the two nations. Brown also said that China is quickly surpassing the United States in terms of economic and military strength and that his job is to ensure the United States military keeps up.

Many officials agree with Brown’s assertion that Taiwan is a potential cause of international conflict between the United States and China. According to President Biden, the United States doesn’t recognize Taiwan as an independent country but will defend the island with military troops if necessary. Biden also claims the United States will support Taiwan in an “unprecedented attack.”

Tensions between the United States and China have risen dramatically over the past few years, with China going so far as to accuse the United States of “violating” its sovereignty with illegal intrusions by United States military ships. Despite the international tension between China and the United States, President Biden says the United States is committed to peace for the foreseeable future.

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