White House Calls Out Lauren Boebert For Misrepresenting The Truth

(NationalUSNews.com) — Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) recently announced that she helped secure more than $50 million for an infrastructure project in Glenwood Springs, prompting a statement from Pete Buttigieg, President Biden’s transportation secretary.

Buttigieg took to X, formerly Twitter, to call out Boebert and accuse her of hypocrisy. Buttigieg demanded that Boebert explain how she supported the infrastructure project, highlighting how the controversial representative voted against the measure in 2021. Boebert briefly responded to Buttigieg’s social media posts but has not talked to media outlets about her back-and-forth with Buttigieg.

The White House called out Boebert after she shared an image of herself standing next to Jonathan Godes, former mayor and current city councilor of Glenwood Springs. In the post, Boebert claimed that she worked alongside Godes to have the $51.4 million provided to the city for a bridge project. Boebert also briefly addressed the $30 million that would be saved from the project, claiming that her support allowed the town to use the funding. The White House immediately shared Boebert’s social media post and criticized Boebert for lying about the project.

The White House press office shared the representative’s social media post and said that Republicans within Congress take credit for any beneficial project, even if they voted against it initially. The White House then pointed out that the funding came from a program, the Rural Surface Transportation Grant, attached to one of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure-related policies. Boebert voted against the program in 2021, along with 200 other House Republicans.

Boebert quickly responded to Buttigieg and the White House, claiming she had contacted him about the project almost two years ago. Boebert then criticized Buttigieg for acting like the infrastructure package was a Democratic effort, citing the decades of infrastructure-related legislation passed by presidents from both major political parties. The representative also highlighted the White House’s push towards environmental-friendly regulation, which she claims has cost American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

While Boebert’s exchange with Buttigieg went viral almost immediately, it comes just days after the representative made national headlines for an unrelated scandal. Several mainstream media outlets began focusing on Boebert after a columnist from The Colorado Sun, a major newspaper from Boebert’s home state, called her a “sycophant” for former President Donald Trump.

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