White House Press Secretary Compares U.S. Debt Ceiling to Car Payments

(NationalUSNews.com) — The White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was recently ridiculed online after comparing the U.S. debt ceiling to a monthly car payment, presumably in an effort to look more relatable to the average U.S. citizen. Jean-Pierre compared the United States’ obligation to repay its debts to a mortgage payment or car payment, using an odd comparison that left many somewhat confused. Twitter users especially tore into Jean-Pierre, mentioning how the allegory she decided to use could also be applied to student loans. The Biden Administration was adamant that student debt forgiveness would be a huge policy platform, but seemingly ignores the similarities between student debt and the United States’ debt in general.

The debt ceiling has been an issue for months now, as the U.S. is expected to default on its debts as soon as June 1st. The U.S. actually hit its debt ceiling back in January, but has been using cash and “extraordinary measures” as a means of postponing a default while congress considers action. The U.S. owes over thirty-one trillion dollars, with some of the debt lying in countries like China and Japan. Surprisingly, the majority of the United States’ debt is owed to programs like social security and pension funds, meaning a lot of the money is actually owed to U.S. citizens. Social security is currently a major focus of U.S. politics, and may even be shut down following the U.S. defaulting on its debts.

Senator Chuck Schumer warned of a potential social security shutdown recently when talking about the U.S. defaulting on its debts. Schumer called on the Republican led House of Representatives to pass a debt ceiling bill, in the hopes that the U.S. can find a way to resolve its ongoing debt problem without causing harm to citizens like seniors. President Joe Biden is supposed to be meeting with Republican leaders on Tuesday, May 9th, but the possibility of a resolution seems slim given the back and forth between the two parties.

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