With Two Teens in Custody, Police Rule out Terrorism at the Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting

(NationalUSNews.com) — Following the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs participated in a victory parade throughout Kansas City, Missouri, which erupted into gunfire once the parade began to end. A shooting occurred during the parade, resulting in one death and over twenty injuries. Two grown men managed to prevent further bloodshed by subduing the attacker, which many believed stemmed from a terrorist organization. Now that authorities possess more information about the shooting and the person responsible, Kansas City police have confirmed that the attack wasn’t a terrorist incident.

According to Kansas City authorities, the shooting resulted from an argument between at least two teenagers, with more people possibly being involved. One witness, Jacob Gooch Sr., described the argument, claiming he overheard people fighting and a girl begging them to avoid resorting to violence. Gooch also claims that his daughter saw the dispute where a woman held one of the teens back before he pulled out a gun and began shooting at the other teen with whom he was arguing. Gooch received injuries during the shooting, as one of the gunmen shot him in the foot. Gooch’s wife and son were also struck, but his daughter remained unharmed.

Gooch described a suspicious group of paradegoers when discussing the events preceding the shooting and how they seemingly dressed in all black to avoid detection. The shooting injured 22 people aged eight to 47 and killed a 43-year-old mother. Kansas City authorities confirmed that two teenagers are in custody for the shooting. Authorities are also actively investigating the incident to determine if anyone else took part in the shooting.

The parade shooting is the latest instance of mass violence within Kansas City, as a similar shooting occurred in January 2024. The last Kansas City shooting occurred in one of the city’s shopping malls and also involved a dispute between two groups of juveniles. Some reports indicate the juveniles involved in both shootings are gang-affiliated, but authorities haven’t yet confirmed if the shootings resulted from gang activity. Despite the lack of evidence of gang activity, many Kansas City residents believe the various shootings are indicative of a growing problem within the state of Missouri: gang violence.

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