Woman Gets 75 Years in Prison for “Sadistic Torture”

(NationalUSNews.com) — In the disturbing case of a woman who was kept as a servant and sadistically tortured, the verdict is in. Alicia Calderon will be serving 75 years in prison for first-degree assault that caused bodily harm to a member of the household. Calderon moved the young woman into her trailer in Wylie, Texas, where she would receive free room and board, for which she would clean and take care of children and an elderly disabled woman. However, within only a few months, the situation grew abusive.

First, Calderon confiscated the victim’s phone, then started restricting her access to food. She began to control her movements in and out of the house, often locking her in with the elderly woman, whose health was rapidly declining. Denied adequate food, the victim had been reduced to half her bodyweight, and she couldn’t take care of the old woman anymore. In July 2021, Calderon locked the 24-year-old woman in a dog crate and then proceeded to pour boiling water over her. Her legs were burned in the incident. Later in that same year, Calderon again poured boiling water on the victim, this time causing terrible burns on her arms, back, and chest. No medical treatment was provided for the burns in either incident.

Finally, on February 1st, 2022, a person living in the home allowed the victim to use a cell phone. The victim used Facebook Messenger to contact her stepfather and ask for help, telling him that she was locked in a room. It had been several years since the victim had spoken to her parents at all, but the stepfather immediately called 911 and then went out to the trailer himself. Deputies arriving at the scene had to remove stones that had been stacked in front of the door to prevent the young woman from escaping. When she emerged, she was covered in second and third-degree burns, had a shaved head, and was down to only 68 pounds.

The young woman spent six weeks in the hospital for treatment for the burns and malnutrition, including multiple surgeries and skin grafts. While able to testify in court, she says she still suffers from trauma and nerve damage that never healed. Nerve damage and pain from severe burns can be lasting and difficult to manage. Calderon also had an arrest in Dallas, Texas, in 2015 for robbery, but she successfully pleaded down to a misdemeanor.

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