Zelenskyy Reveals Grim Numbers; 31,000 Soldiers Slain So Far

(NationalUSNews.com) — Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy revealed his country’s troop casualty numbers surrounding the war between Ukraine and Russia, which has surpassed 31,000 deaths. Zelenskyy only discussed the deaths of soldiers fighting in the conflict, indicating that the accurate total is much higher due to misplaced or missing civilians who died in the Ukraine-Russia war. While talking about the casualties, Zelenskyy shared his belief that 2024 would likely be the final year of the conflict and determine which of the two nations attained victory over the other.

Zelenskyy spoke about the war effort just hours after the war reached its second year, and the Ukrainian president said he believed Ukraine could win the conflict given the ongoing support from Western nations like the United States and the United Kingdom. According to Zelenskyy, Ukrainian forces only had a twelfth of Russia’s firepower at one point in the war. Zelenskyy claims Ukraine now has approximately a seventh of the firepower of Russia, marking a distinct improvement for Ukraine and its ability to hold Russia at bay. While talking about ammunition and how Ukraine compares to Russia, Zelenskyy admitted that the nation suffers from a depleted ammunition reserve and requires more help from Western countries.

Although Western governments have tried estimating the total casualties for Ukraine, Zelenskyy hasn’t disclosed any definitive statistics, as he claims such disclosure could help Russia strategize against Ukraine. The current estimate from the United States indicates that at least 70,000 soldiers died, and an additional 120,000 have sustained severe injuries. Zelenskyy didn’t confirm or deny the estimated statistics and instead referred to his statistics for Russia’s casualties. According to Zelenskyy, Ukrainian forces have killed more than 180,000 Russian troops since the war started two years ago. Zelenskyy also estimated that Russia’s total casualties topped 500,000 when considering injuries.

Despite Zelenskyy’s claims that Ukraine is low on ammunition, the United States government is holding off on sending additional aid due to an ongoing effort by Republicans in the House of Representatives. Democrats introduced a new aid package for Ukraine, totaling $61 billion, but Republicans blocked the measure to prevent further expenditures on foreign aid. Zelenskyy said he believes the United States Congress will approve the measure in the coming weeks.

Other countries are also helping Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia, including Germany and France. French President Emmanuel Macron recently hosted a conference for European Union members, claiming the EU is dedicated to helping Ukraine defeat Russia. While discussing the upcoming months, Zelenskyy said aid from other nations like France is critical and referred to the 2024 United States presidential election as a vital issue in determining whether or not Ukraine wins in its conflict.

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