Biden Confronted With Alarming Indicators In Georgia

( — President Biden’s prospects for winning Georgia again in the 2024 general election are looking grim, given the low turnout in the state’s March 12 primary and the lack of statewide down-ticket races that energized the base in the 2020 election, The Hill reported.

Biden flipped Georgia blue for the first time in decades four years ago, defeating Donald Trump by fewer than 12,000 votes.

Currently, Trump is leading Biden in the Georgia polls, with Real Clear Politics polling average giving the former president a 5-point advantage in the state he lost in 2020.

Georgia Democrats admit that the president has an uphill battle to keep Georgia blue in 2024.

Democratic strategist Fred Hicks told The Hill that there is a lack of enthusiasm among Georgia Democrats. He said the challenge will be whether the president can get Democratic voters to turn out at all in November.

While Biden won the March 12 primary with over 95 percent of the vote, turnout was anemic, with fewer than 290,000 Democrat voters going to the polls. By contrast, nearly 590,000 Republican primary voters turned up on March 12, even though Donald Trump was facing no viable challenger.

Trump received just under 498,000 votes, while Biden received just over 276,000.

While primary elections always draw fewer voters than the general election, in a state that Joe Biden won by less than one point in 2020, low turnout among Democrats could easily shift the state back to red.

Democrat strategist Abigail Collazo told The Hill that Georgia is “a complete toss-up right now.” She said the Biden campaign will have to energize Georgia’s black voters in large numbers to avoid losing in November.

However, with the far-left Democrat base rebelling against President Biden over his support for Israel, around 6,000 Georgia Democrats voted for no presidential candidate in the March 12 primary.

Also hindering Biden’s chances in Georgia is the recent brutal murder of nursing student Laken Riley at the hands of an illegal alien, which put Biden’s border crisis in the spotlight in the state. A recent Emerson College poll found that when it comes to immigration, Georgia voters prefer Trump over Biden by 8 points.

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