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Looking for factual, unbiased news stories you can read on the go? At National US News, we’ve got you covered. We publish stories that are important to the average American, and we keep our finger on the pulse of current, unfolding events.

Because we respect your right to free thought, we strive to present stories in an unbiased manner. National US News features Dailies and Spotlights reports that will keep you informed and up-to-date on important stories as they develop.

On a Mission to Spotlight the Facts

Our mission at National US News is to shine a bright spotlight on the facts of the moment, cutting through the fog of politics, opinions, and agenda-driven reporting. Integrity is the order of the day here, and we hope that’s reflected in each of our news stories. The team here values

Readers from across the country access our news on a daily basis and we want to stick to publishing stories that mirror the heartbeat of the average citizen. When you receive news from our team, you’ll know you’re looking at stories that were especially curated for you. Keep an eye on the headlines so you can stay well informed and equipped to understand issues as they arise.

Our goal is to report stories from the middle of the road, presenting both sides of an issue so you get the chance to decide what you believe. That’s another important aspect of today’s news: it should allow readers to have an opinion. Rather than coercing or persuading you to support one side of an issue or the other, we’ll give you a quick rundown of what’s happening. Then, the choice is in your hands.


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