Biden Expresses His Outrage After Israeli Strike on Aid Workers

( — Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has addressed the recent military strike that resulted in seven aid workers from the World Central Kitchen dying, which he claims was an accident. Various countries from around the globe have criticized Israel for the military blunder, and the country’s residents have begun rioting and calling for Netanyahu’s resignation. Among the world leaders who have expressed their outrage over the incident was President Joe Biden, who claimed Israel has failed to protect civilians and prevent unnecessary deaths.

The strike occurred when a convoy from the World Central Kitchen attempted to leave the Gaza Strip after a successful aid mission. Israel’s military reportedly used an airstrike on the convoy under the mistaken belief the convoy had connections to Hamas forces in the region. After realizing that Israel’s strike had killed multiple foreign aid workers, Netanyahu released a statement about the incident and claimed it wasn’t intentional. Netanyahu also said the country had contacted various nations regarding the mistaken military strike.

Shortly after the mistaken airstrike, protests in Israel rapidly became violent, with protestors fighting against Israel’s police force. The protestors demanded that Netanyahu resign from his leadership position and called for a new election regarding the prime minister position. Netanyahu hasn’t directly addressed the protests, but his political opponent, Benny Gantz, called for protestors to calm down and avoid using violence in their protests. The primary motivation for the protest is the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which many Israelis feel has gone from a defensive operation into an overextension of Israel’s military into other regions.

President Joe Biden also addressed the highly publicized airstrike and shared harsh criticisms of Israel’s military operations within Gaza. According to Biden, Israel has blatantly disregarded the safety of civilians during its ongoing conflict with Hamas. Biden also said he felt “heartbroken” upon learning that at least one of the workers was an American citizen who volunteered to help provide food and supplies to displaced Palestinian civilians.

While Israel claims the incident wasn’t intentional, some online commenters believe otherwise. The convoy had reportedly left a warehouse in Gaza moments before the strike, but the World Central Kitchen claims it contacted Israeli officials to coordinate the convoy’s travel and avoid potential harm. Only seven people joined the convoy as it left the food warehouse, with all seven dying during the Israel military’s airstrike. Despite the controversy, Israel continues its offensive operation in Syria, and Western nations haven’t issued an official condemnation against the Israeli government.

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