Celebrity, Conservative Influencers Speak Up Against Cancel Culture

(NationalUSNews.com) — While cancel culture remains a massive issue within the United States and other Western countries, various celebrities and social media influencers have begun discussing how cancellations aren’t a valid solution to genuine problems. Among the celebrities taking a stand against cancel culture is Kirk Cameron, an actor with a lengthy career in Hollywood dating back to the early 1990s. Cameron appeared on a podcast alongside Riley Gaines, a well-known advocate for biological women who made national headlines after arguing against transgender women competing in female sports.

Gaines and Cameron discussed cancel culture and their willingness to risk cancellation by speaking their minds during an interview with Billy Hallowell, a podcast host associated with The Washington Times. Cameron said he’s surprised more people aren’t taking a stand against cancel culture and that people should speak their minds about woke culture and its harmful effects on political discourse. Cameron also acknowledged the risk of speaking his mind about cancel culture, claiming he could lose his career due to his beliefs.

During the podcast interview, Cameron said that taking a stand against cancel culture required courage, which he attributed to Riley Gaines for her ongoing advocacy for women’s sports. Gaines famously spoke out against allowing transgender women born as males to compete in women’s sports, which resulted in her suffering a surge of hate and criticism from online audiences. According to Gaines, her decision to speak about woke culture resulted in her having to hide from angry groups of people at her college, which caused her to fear for her life.

Eventually, Gaines realized that most people threatening her and criticizing her didn’t pose harm, as most simply called her “names” and hurled insults at her. According to Gaines, she believes that most of the people who attacked her on social media and sent her nasty messages did so out of insecurity rather than a genuine desire to hurt her for her political beliefs. While Gaines suffered an increase in hate following her outspoken stance against transgender women competing in women’s sports, she and her fellow athletes have taken legal action against the NCAA regarding transgender women.

Gaines also speaks about cancel culture on her podcast, “Gaines on Girls,” which covers modern women’s issues. Cameron teamed up with Gaines in 2023 after she made national headlines for her ongoing efforts against cancel culture, with the two planning to host a book reading for children in an Alabama library. The library canceled the event due to the controversy surrounding Gaines and Cameron, but after a threatened lawsuit, the library allowed the event. When discussing the event and cancel culture as a whole, Cameron said that more conservatives should speak out and take a stand against cancel culture.

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