Despite Biden’s Pleading, Netanyahu Insists On Moving Forward With Rafah Attack Plans

( — Although United States President Joe Biden has advised him against it, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims he intends to invade Rafah, a city in southern Gaza controlled by Hamas forces. Refugees from the Israel-Hamas conflict have used Rafah as a sanctuary following Israel’s initial invasion of Gaza, causing concerns that a follow-up invasion could result in heavy civilian casualties. Despite the potential international issues resulting from his planned Rafah invasion, Netanyahu remains adamant that Israel will attack Hamas’ forces within the area.

Members of the Biden administration advised Netanyahu against another invasion of Gaza’s territory, as President Biden believes the prime minister could use other methods to reduce Hamas’ control of the region. Despite Biden’s pleadings, Netanyahu hasn’t indicated that he plans to withhold his nation’s military from another invasion. Netanyahu stated that he’d consider an alternative plan from the United States solely because he respects President Biden.

The primary concern of the Biden administration is the civilians using Rafah for shelter, who could face extreme danger should Israel’s military enter the region. Although Biden made his concerns about civilian casualties known to Netanyahu, the prime minister claims that a direct assault on the city is the only viable option for Israel’s forces. According to Netanyahu, Rafah is one of the last cities that houses a Hamas base, making the city a crucial military target due to the heavy presence of the militant group.

The White House released a statement about the impending invasion, making it clear that President Biden does not support the invasion due to the lack of a conclusive plan meant to protect Palestinians within the area. Biden attempted to discuss possible danger-reduction strategies with Netanyahu and even requested a meeting between Israel and United States military officials, but the two nations haven’t reached a compromise regarding Rafah.

Another critical disagreement between Israel and the United States relates to aid groups and their ability to access the region. Israeli lawmakers famously advocated against allowing aid into Gaza due to concerns that it’d give Hamas a chance to regroup and prepare a counter-offensive. At the same time, United States officials expressed their desire to help civilians caught in the conflict. Although both nations disagree about how to proceed regarding the looming Rafah invasion, Netanyahu claims that he and President Biden both agree that Israeli forces should eliminate Hamas from the region.

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