Details Emerge On RFK Jr.’s Vice Presidential Pick

( — Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced his running mate for the 2024 presidential election, and political experts and media outlets alike believe Kennedy’s best choice of the three candidates is Nicole Shanahan, though controversial NFL star Aaron Rodgers and former Governor Jesse Ventura were also considered potential choices for Kennedy’s campaign.

Political experts believe Shanahan became the running mate pick due to her involvement in a Super Bowl ad supporting Kennedy’s presidential bid and her experience working with members of the Democratic Party, Kennedy’s former political party. According to people connected to Kennedy’s campaign, Shanahan helped pay for the ad, which cost an extraordinary amount. Kennedy’s campaign also purchased and registered a website domain featuring Shanahan’s name, but the official website hasn’t been published at the time of this writing.

Kennedy claimed that Rodgers and Ventura shared sentiments similar to his political platform, indicating that either individual could work well as his running mate. Although Kennedy said he considers them potential running mate picks, Shanahan’s nomination became inevitable given various statements from members of Kennedy’s team and the fast-approaching deadline to pick a running mate. Kennedy’s campaign director also confirmed that the controversial presidential candidate had involved Shanahan in discussions about being his running mate.

Another reason political experts believe Kennedy chose Shanahan is her credentials. She started the Bia-Echo Foundation, an investment group that focuses on causes such as legal reform and sustainable living. Shanahan also started ClearAccessIP, a highly profitable data company she sold in 2020. Shanahan also has a history of donating to Democratic campaigns, including President Joe Biden’s 2020 election campaign.

Shanahan also helped Kennedy’s campaign finance a $7 million Super Bowl ad, of which she donated $4 million. Kennedy’s Super Bowl campaign reinterpreted a similar historical ad for President John F. Kennedy, whom many regard as one of the greatest 20th-century American presidents. Kennedy deviated from his uncle by switching to an independent ticket, causing Democrats to worry he could split the Democratic vote and cost President Joe Biden the 2020 election.

Whatever happens, there is still much work for the Kennedy Shanahan ticket to accomplish before November.

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